Revolutionising Employee Experience Through Advancing Hybrid IntelligenceRevolutionising Employee Experience Through Advancing Hybrid Intelligence
At TeamCulture.ai, we want to help every team build a strong workplace culture so that their people feel happy, supported, engaged and productive. Our approach combines appropriate, ethical artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of the human element in the workplace, enabling us to create meaningful and lasting impact on individuals and companies alike.

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To Reimagine Employee Experience With Hybrid Intelligence
What Makes Us Different?
Distributed teams face many challenges that remain unsolved, including lack of trust, imperceptible team culture, weak organisational culture, misunderstandings, unclear communication, and more. We are a forward-thinking team based in London, passionate about using AI technologies to understand, diagnose, and improve workplace culture.
Managing workplace culture, especially for remote teams, is a complex challenge that currently lacks an elegant solution in the market. HRs and managers struggle to surface problems and identify the right fixes without proper guidance, wasting significant time and resources. AI, on the other hand, excels at discovering and amplifying problems but falls short of helping to improve them.
To address the needs of employees and the market, organisations are rapidly adopting hybrid/remote work models and are seeking a capable solution. The answer is simple yet ambiguous: Hybrid Intelligence. By combining technology and people, we can see further, deeper, and act faster and better.
We aspire to employ AI to expand human knowledge of team culture and employee experience and advance our decision-making process. Our goal is to empower every team and organisation to improve their culture, making work life more pleasant, collaborative, and productive for everyone.