Ask any open-ended questions or provide us any culture data, we'll handle the analysis.
Know your people better with AI
Ask any open-ended questions or provide us any culture data, we'll handle the analysis — to uncover to critical issues and outline data-driven action plans.
Build a workplace where they engage, thrive, and grow!
People and culture are critical to business success
higher profitability
by creating an engaged workforce*
lower turnover rate
by investing into company culture**
Illustration of how helps improve company culture and boost employee satisfactionIllustration of how helps improve company culture and boost employee satisfaction
Ask any open-ended questions, we'll handle the analysis
Most surveys use "Rate 1-5" questions because they are easy to analyse, but the real insights come from open-ended questions. It uncovers the culture and people problems and reveals the 'why' behind those issues.
Our AI is trained to understand most types of culture data, like interview recordings and more. It also helps you easily build and conduct amazing surveys in minutes!
* Guided by ethics, we only collect and analyse data shared voluntarily and autonomously.
Create surveys that people enjoy answering
Deeply diagnose your team and culture with AI
Transform thousands of feedback into consumable insights instantly
Analysing text-based feedback is extremely time-consuming, especially when you have 50+ employees. At, we understand that good companies spend so much time and resources to analyse all types of employee feedback regularly.
Our AI help you analyse the sentiments and feelings in real-time, and generate actionable recommendations that are tailored for your company or team.
* learns faster with fewer data thanks to a combination of AI, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis and open datasets.
Suggest highly personalised action plans
Our platform combines the expertise of human professionals with the power of AI. It guides you in creating bespoke action plans that include practical implementation steps, best practices, and more.
This way, you can quickly and effectively drive meaningful change within your team or organisation.
Make data-driven decision and action plans
Build drastically better employee experience
Provide tools to build exceptional employee experience
Our platform doesn't stop at providing actionable recommendations and inspiration. We also offer tools and guidance to further optimise your team or organisations culture and employee experience.
For example, we provide Shared Plans that allow you and your team to co-design your culture plan, as well as Culture Resources to help you learn more about culture management and employee experience.

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To Reimagine Employee Experience With Hybrid Intelligence
To Reimagine Employee Experience With Hybrid Intelligence
At, our mission is to give every organisation the power to build a strong workplace culture. We achieve this by leveraging the combined power of human and artificial intelligence, so that everyone can be happy, engaged, and productive at work.
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